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     Here at East Village Farm we produce high quality handcrafted soaps that are made in small batches using the centuries-old cold process method.  This allows the natural glycerin to remain in the soap.
Since only natural ingredients are used in our soaps, they are very gentle and are excellent for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
We use a combination of virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil & shea butter.  For extra moisturizing: goat milk, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and aloe vera may be added.  They are scented with our finest essential and fragrance oils.  Natural plant botanicals and clays may be added to accommodate different skin types.
These soaps are cured up to 4 weeks to insure mildness.
Each bar weighs 5.0 ounces.
They are priced at $4.50 per bar.
We hope you enjoy our soaps as much as we enjoy making them.


Shea butter is the oil that is extracted from the nuts of the wild shea nut trees scattered throughout the wooded savanna of West and Central Africa that can be used in cooking, soaps and skin and hair care products.  It contains cinnamic acid which promotes cellular regeneration, prevents wrinkle formation, soothes irritated and chapped skin and is a potent moisturizer.
The shea butter can also be custom scented with any of our essential or fragrance oils.
4 ounce jar=$6.00
8 ounce jar=$12.00