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   All of our handspun yarn comes from our flock of sheep, llamas, alpacas & angora rabbits.  The raw fiber is shorn from the animal, then washed, dried, removed of vegetable matter, carded, dyed and then spun into uniquely textured yarns.  We never use harsh chemicals or bleaches in the processing of the raw fiber.
The fiber is then spun on a double treadle spinning wheel and is sold by the skein.  Our farm raised handspun yarn comes in a variety of natural colors as well as hand-dyed colors.  In addition to color selection, color blending and the addition of beads, different fibers can be blended which results in a uniquely textured yarn which can be difficult to duplicate.  Even the same animals fleeces will vary from year to year.
Our handspun yarn ranges from worsted weight to bulky, either single or 2-ply.  Each skein is labeled with its own weight, yardage and fiber content and is priced by the ounce.  Skeins generally weigh between 4-6 ounces and are approximately 200 yards or more in length.  
    Due to the handcrafted nature of the yarn, there may be minimal variation in thickness along the length of the yarn.  This is what gives handspun yarn its character and the slight variation should not change the overall tension or the size of your finished project.
   Yarn may be wound into pull balls at no extra cost.

   Natural colored woolNatural dyed wool
Hand-dyed & hand painted wool yarn 

Alpaca, angora, llama, silk & various blends-some hand dyed

   All of the rovings & fleeces come from our flock of alpacas, angora rabbits, llama & sheep.  They come in a variety of natural colors &
fiber blends.  
   Wool roving is $2.00 per ounce.
   Blends are $3.00 per ounce.
   Whole raw fleeces ($7.00 per pound) may be purchased at shearing time in May.